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Our program is based on gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, spacial awareness, and, most importantly, the child's experiences forming a personal visual vocabulary. It is most closely aligned with Viktor Lowenfeld's method of art education which involves how a child's world is interpreted during various growth cycles and comes from the child's own view of self and the world around them.

Projects explore the real and imaginary world as well as aiding the student to tell their personal story. It is not about all children having the same product or outcome. We are concerned about the individual's growth and development. So, results vary as does interpretation of the ideas presented. We learn quickly we all have valuable things and ideas to add to any problem or project discussed. All the lessons contain a literary base as various books encourage storytelling on various levels.

One thing you won't hear in the art room is "What is that?" or "Were you trying to draw/make a...?", which can make a child feel they have failed to capture the essence of their idea or story. Instead, we say, "Tell me about that!" When asked to share in this way, the door is open for a rich, shared experience. 


Richard Bay
Art Teacher

Picture of Dr. Bay holding artwork at Emerson.

I have been lucky to travel to five continents, and see some of the world's treasures. I'm looking forward to sharing with students, fellow teachers, and parents the wonders of the art world. Most importantly, look forward to finding the artist in each one of us! Sometimes it's important to remember that what can't be said with words, makes the most wonderful pictures. Look for the teacher who brings his own wheels to school everyday and you'll find me.

-Mr. Bay