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Inappropriate Attire

Not approved uniform options:

  • Overalls, denim shorts/cargo shorts,  denim pants.
  • Sleeveless shirts, sweatpants, hoodies.
  • Athletic pants/shorts or sportswear pants/shorts.
  • Corduroy pants or skirts.
  • No colored hair extensions.
  • Hats, non-religious head coverings, sunglasses and coats are considered inappropriate for inside wear. 

Uniform non-negotiables:

  • If the student’s shirt goes past the top of the pocket of the bottom wear, the shirt must be tucked in and a belt worn.
  • Students must wear shoes suitable for school attire at all times. Heels on shoes must be lower than 1 inch.  Shoes with wheels and lights are not allowed. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline. “Sagging” is not allowed.
  • Socks and leggings should be white, gold/yellow, royal or navy blue.
  • Shirts worn under uniform shirts should be in school colors.