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Montessori is based on building a strong community. As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The lives of our students are better because of YOU. Everyone has something to give, big or small. We will be giving families throughout the year many opportunities to volunteer and to be a part of our celebrations. To help our families understand how important they are in our student’s lives we have created a Family Involvement Card. At the beginning of every school year, each student will receive a new card for the upcoming school year. When the card is complete, students and their families will receive a $20.00 credit at the School Store or at the Uniform Closet. Each activity is worth $1.00 credit at the School Store or Uniform Closet. Face value will be paid on each card in May if the card is not filled. Below is a list of activities on the card.

Each semester please complete:

  • Attend 1 parent information night (at least)
  • Attend 1 parent teacher conference
  • Attend 1 PTA meeting (at least)
  • Attend 1 social activity (at least)
  • Volunteer at 1 activity or 2 hours at the school (at least)
  • Participate in 1 fundraiser (at least)

Each year please complete:

  • Observe 1 time in your child’s classroom


To become a volunteer:

  1. Speak to your child’s teacher or anyone from the administration team about your desire
  2. Complete background check.  This is a requirement for ALL volunteers who come into contact with our students.
  3. Attend volunteer training.  This training will provide an overview of the Montessori method and will help you to match your gifts to our needs.  We will also outline general expectations for all volunteers at Emerson Elementary.


Emerson elementary boy students arm-in-arm and smiling

Emerson is a neighborhood school, and our community means everything to us! We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. They can help us hone our skills and make Emerson the best school it can be.

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