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Montessori method


Montessori Classes

Montessori classes are learning laboratories in which children are allowed to explore, discover, and select their own work. This model recognizes the importance of student choice in creating engaging learning experiences and building independent learners. Students learn and understand the values of compassion, empathy, service, integrity, self-reliance and tolerance. They develop confidence in their ability to ask questions, puzzle out the answer and learn at their own pace. The Montessori program at Emerson Elementary is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion across all lines of differences – a safe and caring place for all.


Montessori Classrooms Include:

  • Multiage groupings that foster peer learning;
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time;
  • Freedom within limits;
  • Guided choice of work activity;
  • Specially designed Montessori learning materials;
  • An aesthetically pleasing classroom environment; and
  • An emphasis on cultivating leaders of the future who live with integrity and show gratitude, demonstrate persistence, excel, and respect and help others and the environment.


Montessori Guides

Montessori teachers are known as guides and serve as facilitators and guides who are responsible for ensuring that students work at their own level so they make the most efficient and effective progress. Teachers create classrooms that feel like a "second family" and are positive and productive learning communities. We are educating innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, scientist, engineers, teachers, and humanitarians.


Diane Beckham