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Special Concert for Emerson Students

Emerson strives to expose its students to a multitude of activities and experiences. It's hard for a student to know if they'll like something they've never tried. 

Well, the Emerson students were in for a special treat when they received a visit from a musician. Although, this musician doesn't play what is considered a traditional instrument. 

Tim Gonzalez is a very experienced harmonica player out of Tennessee. Tim has played with the likes of many great well-known musicians such as Toby Keith, Pam Tillis, and B.B King, to name a few. He is currently traveling around the country, spreading the joy of music. 

Tim believes it's essential that children learn music in school. 

"It's been proven that in schools if they learn to read music and write a little bit, they do better on their SAT scores," said Tim. 

He believes students should learn and experience musical art to fight against negativity.

"I love going into schools to inspire the musical youth of America," Tim said. "It's priceless to give back this way. I remember when I was growing up, I didn't have a lot of artists or musicians visit my school. We must get out there and inspire these kids with music."

Tim played several songs for the Emerson crowd and encouraged four students to sing in front of their peers. The students thoroughly enjoyed the music as the clapped to Tim's songs and joined in singing with their peers. He tells students never to use the words "I can't," but instead use "I can, and I will!"

At the end of the concert, Tim passed out harmonicas for all of the students. 

"This was a good experience for the students. Right now, they are working on recorders and learning about multiple instruments," said Emerson music teacher Ya'Shontae Holt. "We are grateful to Mr. Gonzalez. Being able to hear and see the instrument being used means a lot to our students."

Emerson wants to continue exposing students to a variety of different things. How else will they learn what they are?