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Principal Diane Beckham (pre-K-2nd grade)

A Montessori Journey

Every person in Montessori has a story to tell. Here is my story… As a bright-eyed graduate, I eagerly accepted my first job teaching children for an urban school system. My assignment was teaching 4 year olds in a neighborhood school. Needless to say, I fell in love. I loved the students, the families and the community.  As life predicts, change came our way. Our school was selected to become a Montessori Magnet school. Open, and not always willing, I began my training in the Montessori Method. Even though the training was excellent, it alone was not my reason for change. It was the students! I could actually see how the words Montessori spoke so long ago, working to inspire my students to take ownership of their learning and to work harder than I could have ever imagined.  

As I looked deep within my beliefs about teaching, I realized that what I needed and wanted had to be second and the needs and desires of my students came first. This small but powerful shift allowed me to see the success in all students, no matter the state standard, the curriculum, the challenges outside the school, or the labels that are quickly placed upon our children. This deep passion for love, acceptance, and a push for personal best make me a Montessori teacher, not the degree that hangs on my wall. This unwavering personal belief has led me here, to Tulsa. The privilege to create an opportunity for all students to be in “first place” humbles me and strengthens my resolve to ensure a quality education for all.

Diane Beckham

Principal Elizabeth Taylor (3rd-6th grade)

Elizabeth Taylor Graduated from John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City. She then graduated from Langston University. 

She began her teaching career for Stillwater Public Schools, where she taught for two years before joining Tulsa Public Schools in 2001. Principal Taylor taught special education at Alcott elementary and Academy Central for four years. She worked as a special education administrator at Gilcrease Middle School. She then spent eight years as a special education coordinator for the Tulsa Public Schools district. 

Elizabeth went on to become Assistant Principal at Sequoyah Elementary for two years. She then became Principal at Academy Central for a year and a half. Which leads to her now being Principal at Emerson Elementary School. 
Principal Taylor has been married to her husband Bryan for 21 years and they have two adult daughters Ryan and Randi. Teaching has always been one of her passions. She believes all students can learn. This high-level outcome expectancy has shaped her philosophy on education and her vision as an administrator. This vision centers on promoting our District-wide high-quality standards for sound instructional strategies that increase student performance and promote college and career readiness.

Elizabeth Taylor

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