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Principal Diane Beckham (pre-K-2 grades)

A Montessori Journey

       Every person in Montessori has a story to tell. Here is my story…
As a bright-eyed graduate, I eagerly accepted my first job teaching children for an urban school system. My assignment was teaching 4 year olds in a neighborhood school. Needless to say, I fell in love. I loved the students, the families and the community.  As life predicts, change came our way. Our school was selected to become a Montessori Magnet school. Open, and not always willing, I began my training in the Montessori Method. Even though the training was excellent, it alone was not my reason for change. It was the students! I could actually see how the words Montessori spoke so long ago, working to inspire my students to take ownership of their learning and to work harder than I could have ever imagined.  
        As I looked deep within my beliefs about teaching, I realized that what I needed and wanted had to be second and the needs and desires of my students came first. This small but powerful shift allowed me to see the success in all students, no matter the state standard, the curriculum, the challenges outside the school, or the labels that are quickly placed upon our children. This deep passion for love, acceptance, and a push for personal best make me a Montessori teacher, not the degree that hangs on my wall. This unwavering personal belief has led me here, to Tulsa. The privilege to create an opportunity for all students to be in “first place” humbles me and strengthens my resolve to ensure a quality education for all.

Biography picture of Emerson principal Diane Beckham.

Diane Beckham

Principal Elizabeth Taylor (3-6 grades)

Diane Bennett, Principal's Secretary

I am Diane Bennett, mother of three beautiful young adults: Tiffany, Isaac and Caroline.  I have been married to Erskine Bennett for nearly 45 years.  I have one beautiful granddaughter Miss Nyla, who is 2 years old.  I have worked for TPS 19 years. 17 of those years have been at Emerson. I really enjoy my job as School Secretary. I love the interaction with the students and the faculty, It is good to be a part of the TPS family and especially the Emerson family.  Go Eagles!!

Picture of Diane Bennett, the principal secretary at Emerson.

Diane Bennett


Monnie Roney, Attendance Clerk

Monnie Roney
Attendance Clerk

Katie Russell, Guidance Counselor

I am Katie Russell, (Katie is easier than Kathryn). I have been with TPS for many years! This will be my fifth year at Emerson and I'm ready for Montessori and all the learning it brings! I have a husband, Dannie, and a daughter Lauren and her son Caden, and another daughter, Emily, who attends the University of Arkansas!

Picture of Katie Russell, counselor at Emerson.

Katie Russell 

Breona Sallis, Nurse

Breona Sallis

Adam Kester, Parent Engagement Facilitator

Adam Kester
Parent Engagement Facilitator

Dr. Wanda Armour, Academic Engagement Teacher

Dr. Wanda Armour was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is widowed with three adult children, the youngest graduated from Emerson.  She has a doctorate degree in management and owned and operated a non-profit sports organization for young girls in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.  Since her retirement from the sport she has entered the education field.  She loves movies, traveling and swimming. 

Dr. Wanda Armour
Academic Engagement Teacher

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