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Welcome to Emerson!

At Emerson Elementary, we strive to have every classroom be a child-centered environment, where our students learn by doing through self-motivation, independent work, and self-correcting. This method differs from traditional, teacher-centered learning environments where the teachers set the pace for the class, choose curriculum, and guide children on what to learn. We believe our approach emphasizes self-control and self-discipline for the child and inspires children to work out of joy, curiosity, and love of learning. A child-centered environment focuses on creating lifelong learners and self-motivated adults.


Our classes are learning laboratories where our students explore, discover and select their own work as we know student choice is important to create engaging learning experiences and building independent learners. Our Montessori classrooms include multiage groupings to foster peer learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time, guided work choices and specifically designed Montessori learning materials. In addition, we place an emphasis on cultivating leaders of the future who live with integrity, show gratitude, demonstrate persistence, and respect and help others and the environment. Click here for more information.

Emerson Eagles FOCUS

Our Emerson Eagles focus on leadership skills every day that will make them the leaders of tomorrow!

Emerson elementary

Pre-k - 5th Grade

910 N. MLK Blvd.
Tulsa, OK 74106
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Phone: 918-925-1320
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