We have two book fairs a year. Our first is just before Thanksgiving Break to include the Grandparent's Luncheon. Our second is the week including the first Friday in May - when the school's May Day Picnic occurs. Our picnic is one of Emerson's oldest traditions.

Our next fair is April 30th to May 8th. Our PAWS for Books Family Reading Night is on the 2nd of May at 5:30 pm with a free dinner. These family nights include crafts, stories, great food, prizes and fun. Each night is a different theme. We have had pet shows, campouts and safaris to name a few. The teachers all come out to help.

Our School Picnic is FRIDAY, MAY 4th. It's HUGE! Bring a picnic lunch, kites, frisbies, bubbles, etc. You can also buy a grilled hotdog, hambuger, chips and drinks. There will be lots to do. Come by the Book Fair on that day and take a look at all of the amazing products.  

During our Spring fairs, we have also included both a Mom's & Muffins and a Dad's & Donuts breakfast. These have been so nice, as it gets all of the moms together, as well as the dads. If we could just harness all of that talent! The kids are so proud when the parents show up! They talk about this event for weeks.