The library at Emerson exists to extend and enhance

 the curriculum and serve our students.

Our Library Media Specialist, Susan Foust, selects books and other materials for use by Prek to 6th grade.

Students may visit the library daily to borrow books for pleasure reading, do research online or in the library’s collection of books and periodicals, or to take a few minutes to relax with a book or magazine in our reading area.
Checking out and returning books on time takes practice. PreK to 1st have book bags. Our library rules and procedures exist to instill responsibility. 

 One of the librarian’s key roles is to assist students as they deepen their exploration of the subjects they’ve encountered in their work. This includes helping students to formulate questions, select research tools, discern key terms for use in indexes and search engines, evaluate sources for developmental and topical suitability, and interpret print and online materials.

Another role the librarian and volunteers relish is helping children choose books to read for pleasure. We make a point of getting to know our students as readers, heeding their interests and concerns. If you have questions about our guidance or insights to offer, please email Mrs. Foust at

Our library is available to students, parents and staff.

The library’s materials include books, a parent/professional library, magazines, and ebooks. Parents are encouraged to check out books and other materials from the school library and the parent/professional library. We have a smaller space for our library this year, but we brought over all of the 14,000 books! We also have around 30,000 ebooks to use on your devices such as phones, nooks and tablets.

We are very proud of our student aides. They make the library a very special place to be. The ten aides have multiple duties and also help at the 2 book fairs. They are chosen by the teachers, the principal and the librarian and must maintain good grades and behavior.

This is the 20th year that the library will be offering "Book Bucks" to students who will read a book and take a computer quiz on it and meet their person goal. The Accelerated Reader quizzes keep track of the points on each book. The points add up to "Bucks." All of the profit from our book fairs goes toward the student "Book Bucks." Last year the students earned over $2,500  to spend at the fair.

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