• Parent Involvement 2017/2018

     Dear Parent/Guardian,


                    My name is Adam Kester and this will be my second year as Parent Involvement Facilitator and my fifth year at Emerson Elementary School.  As the Parent Involvement Facilitator, I will assist in the development of a Parent/Community Advisory Council (PCAC).  This Council is not a fundraising organization.  The purpose of the PCAC is to advise the school on ways to improve student achievement.  No dues or fees are collected and meetings will be throughout the school year.  I will be attending our Back-To-School night on September 14th with information about the PCAC, so please come by and see me if you would like to be a part of the council.


                    The Parents Right-to-Know, the Parent Involvement Plan, and the Annual School Report Card are three important documents that are made available to all parents and guardians of students to Emerson on the bulletin board in the main office of Emerson, and can also be found on the Tulsa Public Schools Website.  To find the Annual School Report Card on the TPS website, go to, click on “About the District” tab, and then click on “Our Schools.”  Click on “Oklahoma A-F Report Cards for Schools and Districts” for the most recent data.


                    Emerson Elementary School maintains a parenting resource for all of our families in our media center.  You may visit the school and borrow books on a number of topics, as well as accessing computers and internet service in our Media Center.  We will also be providing parenting education nights at our school this year with topics ranging from accessing your student’s grade and attendance information in PowerSchool to collaborating with the school for your child’s academic success.


    If you have any questions regarding the information in this letter, please call me at the school at

    (918) 925-1320.


    Adam Kester

    Parent Involvement Facilitator/Volunteer Coordinator


What is PCAC?
The Parent/Community Advisory Council (PCAC) is a group of parents, school staff and community members who form a partnership to improve student academic achievement.

This council officers consist of a parent/community member serving as chairperson, the principal serving as co-chairperson, and a recorder to record and publish minutes of meetings.

Forms for Compliments/Concerns can be found at the front desk in the school office and placed in the labeled box. These compliments/concerns will be reviewed by the principal and chairperson to determine items discussed on meeting agendas.

If you would like to serve on a PCAC board for Emerson Elementary, please contact Mr. Adam Kester, our Parent Facilitator at 918-925-1320.