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Read anything. The more your read, the more you'll know. The more you know, the more you'll grow... 

Tulsa City County Library has a great, easy summer program

 for any age student including tweens and teens:

4 Visits to the Library + 8 Books = 1 Medal and 1 Coupon Book  Read 12 More Books (For a Total of 20 Books) = Bonus Prize: LED foam light stick baton  

Plus your name gets in a drawing for a TON of great prizes.  


o here: http://kids.tulsalibrary.org/whatshappening/events/10_summer-reading.php

and when Emerson students return in August, all participants get a wings and pizza party!! 

READ and then take AR quizzes at school for points!

Emerson Soars to Success!
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