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It's time again for our Silent Auction and BINGO Night on April 1st! We do this event every year to enrich our school with STEM Curriculum. This "LUAU" Hawaiian evening runs from 6:30 to 8 pm. Items, art and gift cards from Downtown, as well as Classroom baskets will be auctioned off during the evening. 

Dinner is being provided by the Vault Restaurant. If you would like to help us by donating money for our push for more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, please go to this website: 


Bike Raffle! – a boys and a girls 24”bike . Tickets are $1.00 and funds go to STEM in our school. Bikes were donated by First Presbyterian.  


The Sugar Free All Stars – “Straight outta Edmond” will be performing at the Testing Rally April 8th at 1 pm. To learn about them and show them to the kids: go here - http://www.sugarfreeallstars.com/About.html and show them a video or two!

BOOK FAIR May 2nd to the 10th. READING NIGHT is the 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 

MAYDAY Picnic is May 6th from 10:30 to 1ish. If you are new – parents can bring chairs, a blanket, kites, Frisbees and a picnic or they can by lunch from the PTA -we actually cook hamburgers and hotdogs outside. We have stations around the property and do crafts and games!

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